Perez Hilton Features Alexa Melo

Alexa Melo‘s song “Call This Love” was featured on this morning!

Perez writes, “Sometimes love can be quite painful, as Adele has mined for magnificent material. Up-and-comer Alexa Melo has just released a great new piano-driven ballad that explores the darker side of a relationship. Sonically, it is darker also than a traditional piano ballad. There are hints of Evanescence here – and we are loving it! In the good way!”

Check out the feature HERE.

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Meiko Featured On ‘Perez Hilton’s Pop Up! #6’ Compilation

Perez Hilton has featured Meiko‘s song “Sweeter” as Track #1 on his new Perez Hilton’s Pop Up! #6 compilation, available on iTunes now. “The first song you hear on a compilation like this is the most important, I think, because people have short attention spans”, Perez says, “and it also sets the tone for the rest of the songs you’re going to find on the compilation. I’m thrilled that I was able to get a song from Meiko, somebody I’ve supported for a very long time, to kick things off!”

Meiko’s month-long co-headlining tour with Emerson Hart of Tonic kicks off October 7 at The Iridium in NYC.