Mermaed is a Los Angeles-based alternative punk rock band formed in 2017 championed by long time band members Arielle (vox) and Jacob (guitar). Drawing from their hard rock and pop punk influences, their collaborating has resulted in high-energy rock songs with undeniable chorus hooks, massive guitar sounds, and explosive live performances. Others have described Mermaed as “the musical love child of Paramore and the Foo Fighters”.

Jacob and Arielle met in 2010 through mutual friends at a music camp they were both attending in Nashville. They quickly realized that they both had similar musical upbringings and influences. Arielle grew up in Ontario, Canada in the emo/pop punk scene, with influences like Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Alanis Morissette, Foo Fighters, Avril Lavigne, and Sum 41. At the same time, Jacob was living in rural Southern California practicing ’80s shred guitar and prog/hard rock songs by bands like Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath, and Trivium. But Jacob also had a soft spot for pop punk and rock bands, such as Relient K, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, and Blink-182. Once they realized their deep rapport with one another, as well as similar dreams and goals, they have been inseparable.

Throughout the years since meeting in 2010, they have been making music together under different monikers and band names – Thee Acquainted being the most notable project. They started their musical careers by uploading cover songs to YouTube, which over the course of a few years gained them over 5 million views on their covers and originals, as well as a built-in, dedicated fan base. In 2015 they stopped making cover videos to focus on writing and creating a new sound… and this was birth of Mermaed.

With this new project, Arielle and Jacob have drawn from the aggressive energy and misfit attitudes of the bands and artists that inspired and moved them in their adolescence. They have brought back a ’90s/2000s tone with modern rock production, lyrics with attitude and a mission, as well as feminine fury and passion that will launch them into the frontlines of the new punk revolution that is now in the beginning stages. They hope to come alongside the likes of Yungblud, Grandson, SWMRS, Wolf Alice and The 1975, to continue to move culture toward a world of honest self expression and of powerful action.

Since forming Mermaed in 2017, they’ve played shows at the Satellite, the Hi Hat, and Emo Nite. They are currently wrapping up an EP they made with talented producer Jon Joseph. Though it may look like they are just starting, Mermaed is an unstoppable force that is ready to go full throttle. Get on board, or get out of the way!