Meiko Releases Fifth Studio Album

More than a dozen years into her unique career — which includes a chart-topping hit in Japan; a fan base stretching from Los Angeles to Tokyo; and countless solo concerts featuring little more than her acoustic guitar and breathily expressive voice — Meiko gets back to the basics with her brand new album, In Your Dreams, out now. Take a listen here:

In advance of the album, Meiko shared singles “Gimme Gimme” – a social commentary on consumer culture – and “Name That Tune” – a pop ballad reminiscing of lover’s past.

When it came time to write and record her fifth studio album, this time with plans to independently release the album, Meiko returned back to the basic roots of her songwriting and pared down the use of electronics.

“I wanted to simplify my sound and go back to the bare-boned mindset I had when I made that first record,” Meiko shares. “In the past, I was pressured by record label executives who wanted the album to be done at a certain time, or to sound a certain way. Since I knew I was doing this album independently, I had some breathing room and wanted to enjoy that freedom, that space.”

The record was written and recorded in Meiko’s former home of Nashville, TN alongside producer (and former drummer for The Lone Bellow) Justin Glasco before relocating to Germany. Self-funded and independently released, the two performed all instruments on the album themselves, working outside the usual demands of a record company. For Meiko, who’d partnered with labels like MySpace Records and Concord Music Group during the first decade of her career, it felt freeing to create music on her own schedule. She took her time, writing new material over a period of two years — years that also found her adapting to life as a Nashville resident and a new mother.

With its light instrumentation and melodic hooks, In Your Dreams is reminiscent to Meiko’s self-titled debut, whose minimalist songs helped kick start her career in 2007. Back then, she was a cash-strapped cocktail waitress in Los Angeles, struggling to fund her album’s recording sessions with the tips she earned working at the Hotel Cafe. The songs that found their way onto that debut record were sparsely arranged out of necessity; Meiko simply couldn’t afford to dish out the money for a full band.

“I was paying people in whiskey, asking them to come to the studio and lay down some tracks in exchange for a few Jack-and-Cokes,” she remembers. “It was really simple, but there’s something beautiful about having all the time in the world and no money. With In Your Dreams, I wanted to simplify my sound and go back to the bare-boned mindset I had when I made that first record.”

When MySpace Records reissued her indie debut in 2008, she found herself with a genuine hit on her hands, watching as her quirky pop gem “Boys With Girlfriends” climbed into the Top 15 at Triple A radio. 2012’s The Bright Side spawned another hit — “Stuck On You,” which topped three different charts in Japan — while 2014’s Dear You found her drawing more and more heavily on longtime influences like Portishead, adding a larger dose of electronics to her music.

Following the independent release of 2016’s Moving Day and 2018’s collection of cover songs, Playing Favorites (Chesky Records), Meiko brings herself full-circle with In Your Dreams, an album that nods to her past while also pushing forward toward bigger, bright horizons.

“It’s sort of like a farewell to Nashville and America and my old self,” she says, “but also a gentle reminder that even though life has changed, I can’t forget about my dreams of making music”.

Meiko Releases “Name That Tune” Single

Ahead of the May 21 release of her fifth studio album, In Your Dreams, singer-songwriter Meiko shared “Name That Tune” today, another track from the anticipated full-length.

Hear “Name That Tune” HERE.

Much more stripped-down and melancholy than the album’s debut single, “Gimme Gimme”, the subject of this track is a personal one for Meiko. “This one’s about mental illness and loving someone who’ll never get better or be there like you want them to be. My mom was in a cult from the time I was about 7 years old. We couldn’t talk without her telling me I was a bad person for not searching out ‘the truth’, and how sad she was that I was going to hell. It was quite the mind-f**k as a preteen. Eventually she disappeared into the night, and I didn’t see her again until I found her at age 24. She’s inspired lots of songs. This is just one of many. I call her ‘my first heartbreak’, although I’m grateful for her in many ways. Her having the balls to leave when she was not stable gave me an overall very stable life with my Dad and amazing Stepmother”.

The song (and the In Your Dreams album) was produced by Justin Glasco (The Lone Bellow) and mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, Train).

New Meiko LP Available For Pre-Order!

Singer-songwriter Meiko has a new album titled In Your Dreams being independently released on May 21, and she’s set up a website for fans to pre-order digital copies, CDs, vinyl, and other items.

In Your Dreams was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville, and it was produced by Justin Glasco (The Lone Bellow), mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, Radiohead), and mastered by Stephen Marcussen.

Visit for more information.

The catchy first single from In Your Dreams, “Gimme Gimme”, will be  available in stores and on streaming services April 26.


Meiko Releases New Holiday Song

Meiko released a new holiday song today, titled “Merry Christmas Wherever You Are”. Hear it HERE.

The track was recorded in Nashville with producer Joshua Grange (Sheryl Crow, k.d. Lang) at the helm.

This song is about missing loved ones during Christmas,” Meiko says. “I wrote it when I was really sad, but it was recorded with really happy-sounding production”.

Meanwhile, Meiko is putting the finishing touches on a new album which she plans to independently release in the spring of 2019. It’s being produced by Justin Glasco (Andrew Bird, The Lone Bellow) and mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, Train, Radiohead).